Business Incorporation

Any company wishing to carry out a commercial activity in Switzerland must have a strong tax domicile, whether it is a domiciled or operational business.

Business Incorporation


Do you love your job and want to become self-employed?

Every day people embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship to realize their dream: creating their own business. A wonderful project, but one that can turn into a nightmare if it is not initiated correctly.

Are you one of these people? Do not be discouraged by these alarmist words. You just need to surround yourself well to identify the pitfalls that sow the path that will lead you to the realization of your project. L-K Fiduciaire will be a reliable partner who will guide you through administrative twists and turns, regulations and the implementation of an efficient accounting system. No secret about that, his boss, Lionel Kaufmann, has also taken the plunge into entrepreneurship and knows the procedures perfectly so that you get off on the right foot.

From the reflection phase on your future business to the consolidation phase, it is essential to have a quality partner to advise you and support you in all administrative procedures.

Deploy your commercial activity

Deploy your commercial activity

Many questions arise before and during the realization of your business project. Most of you are talented in your sector of activity, but do not know the ins and outs of the regulations to follow and the administrative procedures to undertake.

This is why L-K Fiduciaire accompanies and supports you in the creation of your business from the beginning (concept, market analysis, business plan and financial plan) to the legal creation of your business (RI, Sàrl, SA, etc.). ). Subsequently, L-K Fiduciaire advises you on the best accounting system to put in place for your structure. As a trustee, it also offers its accounting services (classic or outsourcing), the completion of accounting with the establishment of quarterly, half-yearly and/or annual balance sheets and the review of accounts.

We of course offer complete services corresponding to all the questions you ask yourself when creating your business. Each of them requires an individual response upstream before writing your business plan and registering your company.

The most frequently asked questions to which we will provide you with adapted and tailor-made solutions

The idea, the concept, the name and the address

  • What name should you give to your business? Does the name have any bearing on the industry you want to invest in?
  • Where to domicile your business? In which municipality should the headquarters be established?
  • How to register your business name to protect its name (IP)?
  • Are you a cross-border resident and would you like to establish your business in the canton of Geneva? Is it possible?
  • What are the specificities for a B permit holder for creating a business?

We support you during the first stages and we offer pragmatic solutions to all your questions.

How do I know the profitability of my future business?

  • Who are your competitors? How do they position themselves on the market (price, market share)?
  • How is the target clientele segmented? What are their behaviors? What are their needs?
  • In terms of supplies, what investment do you need to make initially to launch your business, what percentage does the cost of materials and/or merchandise represent on your future turnover (CA)?
  • In the sector of activity you wish to invest in, are there specific regulations requiring a particular investment?

We will support you during the market study so that before embarking on your project, you are best prepared to face the market.

In order to assess the prospects for the development of your project, the business plan is an essential tool. It not only allows you to set clear and precise objectives for the development of the future business, but also to convince partners or financiers of the merits of your entrepreneurial approach.

  • How to write a business plan? What form should you give it?
  • Does it need to be structured in a particular way?
  • Should it contain financial forecasts?

We guide you towards using the best tools so that you can put your ideas down on paper in a structured and professional manner.

Once your ideas are structured in the business plan, we check your financial data together. Yes, by mutual agreement, we will decide if your project is feasible or requires modifications or, possibly, abandonment. It may also be necessary to request financing. We help you with these procedures, and increase your chances of success in approving your request thanks to an analysis of financial forecasts (crucial analyzes during the final decision of decision-makers). If you present your business plan to investors, lessors, etc., we coach you before its presentation.

  • How much starting capital should you plan? What type of structure should you choose so as not to lose this initial capital?
  • How to take into account investments already made?
  • Can you make deposits in cash and/or in kind?
  • As an unemployed person, can you continue to receive my daily allowance when creating your business?

We are here to maximize your chances of success.

Choosing the legal status of your business is a crucial step which will have repercussions on your responsibility towards third parties as well as on its accounting management. This choice must be made with full knowledge of the facts and also taking into account the social capital that you wish to bring with or without partners.

  • What are the particularities of each legal status (Sàrl/SA or individual reason (RI)/general partnership)? What are the special legal forms and why choose them?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of a legal or natural person (tax-wise, business management)?
  • How to proceed with the transformation of a company (eg: from RI to a Sàrl)?
  • How to create company statutes?
  • What are the particularities for entrepreneurs of foreign nationality?

We will be able to guide you towards the best solution for your future structure and we will take care of the legal creation of your company. L-K Fiduciaire works in partnership with lawyers and notaries.

Managing a business is a profession in its own right. Most start-ups close during the first 3 years of activity due to lack of knowledge regarding the management of a commercial structure.

  • Is keeping accounts necessary? How to set up sustainable accounting? Is it obligatory to have the company's annual balance sheet carried out by a trustee?
  • How to create salary slips?
  • How to declare your employees to social insurance?
  • How to write your general conditions of sale?
  • What are the implications regarding the responsibility of managers towards their company?
  • How to find an auditor?
  • How to optimize your taxes?

Our expertise will allow you to devote yourself to your core business while knowing that you are supported throughout your commercial activity so as not to lose sight of the essential points of business management.

The risk at the start of the company's activity is not doing what is necessary with the various institutional bodies.

  • When to start paying VAT? How to obtain a VAT number?
  • When do we have to pay social insurance? How to register with social insurance? Which one to choose? What are compulsory and optional insurance?
  • What are the necessary conditions to pay the LPP? Which pension institution to choose for the second pillar?
  • How to advertise a cross-border employee? How is tax paid at source?
  • How is the AVS managed for the self-employed and RIs?
  • How to financially plan retirement for a self-employed person or an IR partner?

We are partners with institutions (trade register, VAT, insurance, AVS, SUVA, etc.) and offer advantageous rates in order to free up a budget and allow you to concentrate on advice and development of your activity.

Vos avantages

  • All areas of business creation are covered
  • Very low creation costs
  • An external and neutral actor to advise you
  • You increase your chances of success in the short and long term


The Management Mandate and Advice

The Management Mandate and Advice

Hire an agent to enter the Swiss market Professionals offer their management services to your organizations on a part-time basis.

Business Incorporation

Business Incorporation

Any company wishing to carry out a commercial activity in Switzerland must have a strong tax domicile, whether it is a domiciled or operational business.

Legal Domiciliation

Legal Domiciliation

All the services to deploy your commercial activity with complete peace of mind Any company wishing to carry out a commercial activity in Switzerland must have a strong tax domicile